This report was prepared within the framework of cooperation between the Cyprus Commissioner for Administration and the Protection of Human Rights (Ombudsman) and Dr Nasia Hadjigeorgiou. Its objectives are to highlight the specificity and complexity of the different challenges faced by foreign domestic workers and operate as a basis for consultation of all major stakeholders in an attempt to strengthen the existing institutional framework that regulates their rights, or to create an altogether new one. The main body of this report is divided into three sections: Section 2 provides a brief overview of the legal framework that regulates the entry and stay of FDW in Cyprus; Section 3 explains the methodology that was adopted in gathering the data; and Section 4 discusses the results of the empirical research. The results section is further divided into the following parts: (a) Personal and family situation of the FDW; (b) Living conditions and privacy; (c) Working conditions; (d) Renumeration; (e) Employment contract; (f) Safety, vulnerability and mistrust of the authorities; and (g) Health. Section 5 concludes, and Section 6 offers recommendations stemming from the empirical analysis.

You can access the report here.